IT Support

Benchmark IT Support

The Benchmark Service Support Model is a secure, comprehensive, integrated and innovative approach to providing IT support services. Our remote support model, tailored to your individual or organizational needs, allows us to offer these services at exceptionally cost effective rates. 

The Benchmark Service support theory is based on the maxim of “issue prevention and issue resolution”. Secure and sound administration and issue prevention solutions are key to reducing IT problems for both individuals and systems. However, when issues arise, as they will in even the most well maintained systems, a sound and effective resolution model is crucial. Our support model is based upon the principle that there are three root causes to IT issues: Software, Usage and Hardware, and three main steps in troubleshooting them: Evaluate, Isolate and Resolve.


Mactomo, or “Mac Friend” in Japanese, provides comprehensive remote and onsite support along with Apple certified administration and support for macOS, iOS, watchOS and all things Apple. We offer complete support and training on all of Apple's products and services, including desktop support for Mac applications like: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, FaceTime, Messages, iCloud services, Mac's productivity suite and back up and virus protection solutions.

We help individuals and organizations integrate their Macs and Mac networks with other platforms, including Windows and Cloud products, and have them working together seamlessly with your Macs and Apple devices, to get the most out of all of them.


Cloudtomo, or “Cloud Friend” in Japanese, provides comprehensive admin and desktop support services for Google Workspace, Office 365, Zoho and more, as well as cloud CRM solutions such as Salesforce, SAP, and TamagoDB. We can integrate them with the  cloud solutions you currently use and with your local machine platforms. 

We help you and or your organization keep your connection to your cloud solutions secure, seamless and up to date, and help you keep abreast of the latest, ever changing and expanding cloud technologies.