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Benchmark Enterprise Support

Benchmark Service enterprise support services are provided by our team of trusted, experienced partners, dedicated to providing benchmark level service to help you and your organization. With them we comprise a team with decades of experience, all on your side in helping your enterprise grow, succeed and thrive.


Wordtomo, or “Word Friend” in Japanese, offers high quality, professional translation, editing, IT manual creation, web content services, and more to both individuals and organizations. We offer translation services for English, French, Spanish and Chinese into Japanese, and Japanese into all those languages. Our staff and partners have decades of experience providing language services that help people start and grow enterprises, and more importantly help them achieve their dreams. Contact us and find out how we can help you.


Biztomo, or “Biz Friend” in Japanese, provides assistance to new organizations and helps develop existing ones. Our partner consultants help you understand legal and regulatory requirements for starting a new business in Japan and guide you through necessary processes. In addition, we provide market and cultural information.