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About Us

Helping you is our job and our passion. You want to grow and succeed in your enterprises and do what you do best, and our job is to help you do just that. It's what we do best, and your success is how we achieve and measure ours. Benchmark Service employs trusted, time-tested service, methodology and procedures via the best and latest technology. Our remote systems are not only efficient and smart, they’re effective and secure.

We provide our organizational and individual support services through our branded options. These include comprehensive IT support for Mac, Linux, Windows and the Cloud along with enterprise services, such as operational startup support including language services translation in multiple languages. We are here to help you with your IT and enterprise support needs.

IT Support

Professional, experienced and friendly system administration and desktop support. Our organizational and individual support helps you and or your organization get the most out of your IT tools and foster a better and more productive IT experience.

Enterprise Support

Knowledgeable, experienced enterprise support services including translation and editing, web content and market services. We can help you develop your new enterprise or help you grow an established one.